Luxury Collection Warranty


In this Service Agreement the following definitions apply:

- The “Retailer” means Abode Designs. - The “Manufacturer” means the manufacturer of the Luxury Collection models. - The “Consumer” means the end-user, or the Retailer’s customer. - “Manufacturing Fault” means a defect in materials and/or workmanship. - “Home Country” means the country where the Customer requests an order to be delivered. - “Service Request Form” is what Abode Designs will email the manufacturer of the Luxury Collection models, which includes the full details of the service issue.


2.1 The manufacturer of the Luxury Collection models provides a Manufacturer’s Guarantee for all the components of its products up to 12 months old, except for those listed in Clause 2.2.

2.2 Luxury Collection models come with an extended guarantee on the following parts:

  • 10-year guarantee on frames.

  • 5-year guarantee on recliner mechanisms.

  • 5-year guarantee on electrical components.

  • 1-year guarantee on foam interiors.

2.3 The Manufacturer’s guarantee period commences 30 days from the product docking date in the Retailer’s Home Country.

3. Manufacturing Fault

If the consumer receives their order and feels there is a manufacturing fault, the consumer is required to photograph the potential fault and email photos to the retailer along with a written description. The retailer is required to forward same to the manufacturer for review.

Upon review, if the issue looks like a potential manufacturing fault then a service technician will be instructed to visit the consumer and provide an independent report

3.1 If a fault is deemed to be a manufacturing fault, it is agreed by all parties that the best way forward is a repair, Luxury Collection agrees to provide replacement parts free of charge.

3.2 Where possible, replacement parts will be placed on the Retailer’s next delivery. Parts could take approx. 8 weeks to be supplied to the service network technician. Labour costs for service technician call out and repair time is at no cost to the consumer for manufacturing faults


4.1 For genuine manufacturing faults, Luxury Collection will supply “PARTS” as outlined in Section 2 (Guarantee) free of charge.

4.2 Fully upholstered parts can be sent when the issue is agreed as a manufacturing fault and this is the most cost-effective way of repairing the furniture. This will be sent on the Retailer’s next delivery.


5.1.1 Where possible, clear pictures of the defect from multiple angles, showing its location and approximate size (i.e. a ruler placed alongside); should be emailed to Abode Designs

5.1.2 A clear description of the fault; and

5.1.3 Sales Order number.

5.2 Where a technical report is required, Luxury Collection will appoint an independent technician.

5.3 Where this technical report identifies a manufacturing fault, Luxury Collection agrees to pay for the cost of the report and subsequent repair cost.

5.4 Where this technical report identifies no manufacturing fault, the consumer may be liable for the £45 cost of the independent report


6.1 Following an agreed Service Request, Luxury Collection will ship any service parts within a reasonable timeframe (see Clauses 3.1 and 3.2).


7.1 Limited Guarantee

The Manufacturer’s guarantee is extended to the original consumers under normal residential use only. There is, however, no guarantee for commercial, rental, business, or institutional use. The manufacturer’s guarantee does not extend to damage resulting from accident, misuse, abuse or abnormal use.

7.2 Reclining Mechanism, Electrical Components and Wooden Frame

The wooden frame and parts have a limited guarantee against manufacturing faults and defects for 10 years. The guarantee on metal reclining/inclining mechanisms and electrical components is valid for 5 years.

7.3 Reclining furniture requires mechanical tolerance in order to operate, therefore a certain amount of side movement can be expected. The furniture should be well clear of obstructions before use. Sofas with recliner options need mechanical tolerance in order to work correctly and therefore cannot always line up perfectly after use. To ensure even wear, both sides of the sofa should be used in equal proportion.

7.4 Leather

Leather has a limited guarantee against defects for 12 months from the date of purchase. Leather must be cleaned in accordance with Luxury Collection’s ‘Leather Care’ information. Please note that the guarantee does not cover defects arising from negligence or misuse such as soiling, fading, wrinkling, creasing, accidents or improper cleaning. Peroxide, hair colourants and medication can cause colour loss in leather furniture. This would not be covered under the guarantee.

7.5 It is important to remember that due to its genuine features, leather has natural wrinkles as well as colour and texture variations. No two pieces of leather are the same; all have slight variances of colour and grain.

7.6 There are four main characteristics or ‘blemishes’ of natural leather that would not be covered by the warranty as defects: scratches, wrinkles, insect bites and natural-healed scars. These enhance the appeal of truly premium leather and will not be construed as defects. Some of Luxury Collection model leathers use processes which may expose natural imperfections:

7.6.1 ‘Hand-rubbed’ leather – This intricate hand-rubbing process results in a multi-toned leather colour, which means the overall leather is not a solid colour. Additionally, the hand-rubbing process may expose the natural blemishes and imperfections of real leather.

7.6.2 ‘Pull-up’ leather – This leather has been coloured using aniline dyes and wax which soak into and darken the leather. The light colour ‘pulls up’ when it is stretched or rubbed, which gives a naturally worn effect. Natural blemishes, scars, scratches and wrinkles will show through and are consequently a character of this leather.

7.7 Leather is intended to stretch and will show up as creasing to cushion tops. On deep-buttoned furniture this can lead to opening of the pleats, which is normal for this type of upholstery and will not be construed as defects.

7.8 Foam and Springs

Padding, foam and springs have a limited warranty against defects for 1 year under normal domestic use. To keep cushions in good condition, avoid sitting in one area constantly and use the seating areas evenly. It is also important not to stretch, lean or reach over the back cushions of the furniture. Please note that the warranty does not cover defects arising from the above misuse of the cushions.